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Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 4.34.24 PM.pngThe Indoor Practice Lacrosse Ball have a soft, squishy foam core weighting 2.5 oz and comes in Pink or White. These are great for indoor practices and player development. Weighing half the weight of a regulation lacrosse NOCSAE/SEI ball at 2.5 oz, they are a low risk training tool. Meaning these are not going to cause injury or hurt if a pass is missed and makes contact with someone. At 2.5 oz the user will still be able to feel the ball in the cross making it perfect not only for advanced players, to develop soft hands, but also beginner players that don’t have the strength to get the regulation ball out of their stick. Coaches also use these balls in their goalie trainings. The foam core allows goal tenders to take a lot of shots at a variety of speeds without the risk of injury. The light weight nature of the ball trains the goaltenders to have soft hands when making the save to control the rebounds. These are great for any age or skill level.
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The SwaxLax Training ball is the same weight and diameter of a regulation lacrosse ball. The SwaxLax ball has a beaded core, comes in a variety of colors and is extremely durable. The beaded core absorbs any impact keeping the ball from rolling or bouncing around while practicing on a hard surfaces like a gym floor or concrete. This training ball comes in a variety of colors and designs some of which are market specifically for certain trainings like goalies. The goalie set comes in a pack of 3 with each ball being numbered 1, 2, or 3. There a number of different drills you can do with these for example, while a ball is shot or passed to the goalie, he/she has to read the number out loud after making a safe or before clearing the ball. This helps with hand-eye coordination and sheer focus on the ball when making a save. Great for any age or skill level. Shop SwaxLax Training Ball 

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The Low Bounce Ball has little to no bounce. It is very hard and does not have any absorption properties. It weighs 5.4 oz, slightly heavier than a regulation ball. Great for indoor and/or hard surface drills. Not recommend for goalie training. These are great if you want the same feel and weight of a lacrosse ball without it bouncing all over the practice area. The ball is distinguishable by its rust orange color making it very easy to identify the Low Bounce Balls from regulation. Shop Low Bounce Ball

Last Minute Shopping For The Laxer?


StringKing Complete Women’s Stick
The Complete W women’s lacrosse stick is designed to be the ultimate in consistency. The 
stiff construction, expertly strung mesh pocket, and quality components deliver superior performance every time you pick up your lacrosse stick.At the price point of $99.99, it is the best bang for your buck when looking for a high quality, built to perform women’s lacrosse stick. Its great for every skill level.
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Throne Lacrosse RIFT System Lacrosse Shaft
The RIFT System is built on the idea to never settle with technology, materials, or performance. From extensive research and design we created the first interchangeable shaft, giving you the power of carbon with the strength of metal.
This is the first EVER carbon five/metal shaft on the market. Utilizing the flexibility and power generated from the carbon fiber with the toughness and familiar feel of the metal shaft. These combine to create a stick in its own league. The RIFT shaft is sure to create some noise this holiday.
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Predator Sports REACT Rebounder
PS-REACT-RBDRThis Lacrosse Rebounder / Lax Wall from Predator Sports was Designed to Return the Ball at or Near the Same Speed you Throw it at. Our most Responsive Rebounder Yet.  This Rebounder is great for team and individual training.  Generous 4′ x 3′ rebounding target. Fully adjustable to provide multiple rebounding positions. Made of galvanized steel for all weather protection.  Folds flat for storage. Easy assembly. Height assembled over 7 feet.Predator Sports React Rebounder.
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Predator High School Deluxe Lacrosse Goal
Combines the structural integrity of our top of the line Collegiate Lacrosse Goal with the portability of our bestselling High School Game Goal. Designed for the elite team and player who demand a goal that will withstand high velocity shots. Heavy gauge 2 inch steel tubular construction and a 5mm net combine to make this goal weigh in at a total of 78 pounds.
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Champion Sports Lax Equipment Bag
Carry all your gear with the durable Champion Sports Lax Equipment Bag. 

Features a padded ventilated stick compartment on one side and an extra vented pocket on the opposite side, convenient upright water bottle holder, vented zippered shoe compartment that separates your shoes from the rest of your gear, mesh side pocket and an internal easy access valuables pouch. Includes haul loop at one end, shoulder strap and carry handles for comfortably transporting all your gear. Bottom of Equipment Bag is coated to provide extra protection. Shop: Lax Equipment BagScreen Shot 2018-12-17 at 12.56.30 PM.png

ECD Lacrosse Carbon 2 Lacrosse Shaft
We like the players who are always striving for more. Players who are never satisfied and refuse to settle. Those are the players we focused on when engineering the Carbon 2.0. 
Like those players, we never settle. The Carbon 2.0 has improved every aspect of its predecessor. It is lighter and stronger and features our new Impact+ layup, durable texture, and long-lasting paint. This is the new standard for composite lacrosse shafts. On our 10-point flex scale, the Carbon 2.0 is a Flex5 with a uniform Kick Point, which makes it an easy transition from a standard alloy shaft. Available in attack/midfield, goalie, and defense lengths. Shop: ECD Lacrosse Carbon 2 Lacrosse Shaft


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