Mark 1 Pre-Strung Heads

Now offering pre-strung StringKing Mark 1 heads on your site. The Mark 1 head comes in your choice of black or white. We have strung the top mesh suppliers mesh into these heads giving you a choice to pick a head that best suits your play style. Strung in these heads are  East Coast Dyes, Throne, Mogul and of course StringKing mesh.

Our team of stringers have developed a pattern that optimizes the features the Mark 1. The ball placement it toward the mid to mid-low point in the head. It will give the player enough hold to cradle and dodge through traffic as well as being able to throw and shoot accurately.

Every head has it own unique color scheme that will not be doubled or duplicated. You are getting a one of a kind head.

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Featured Product – Schutt Sports Protech Shirt


The Protech Shirt has the look of a classic compression shirt but has the advanced cushioning and protection including over the AC joint.

Tested with an antimicrobial system, which acts to resist the development of bacterial odors. 80/20 polyester and spandex fabric is breathable and wicks away excess sweat from the body.

This undershirt is perfect for any offensive player.  The strategic placement of the padding is meant to give the player another layer of protection from stray slashes and cross checks. The lightweight feel and compression fit allows for any size chest protector to fit as if they weren’t wearing the Protech Shirt at all.

Protech Shirt comes in youth and adult sizing and in colors black and white.

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Off Season Work

The off season is the time to refine and learn new skills. Here are some of the best ways to sharpen your skills for the field.

There is nothing more effective to make you a better player than hitting the wall. Work on both hands!!! Do not be afraid to mess up or miss a pass. Take your time and try not to get frustrated while developing new skills.

Mix it up. Running is great but not everything in lacrosse. Grab a speed ladder or if you don’t have one draw one out of calk on the pavement. Try different patterns when using the ladder. Its a very versatile tool so get creative. Another great simple and easy workout to learn is jumping rope. Jumping rope will increase your coordination and your cardio.

Focus on hitting a specific target. Repeatedly shoot for an area while stationary until you get it. Then do it while moving or on the run. After that while someone is feeding you the ball. This simple progression will help your shot tremendously. Once you master one area of the goal move to the next. Shooting in the game of lacrosse is all about angles so there is always a place on the field to work on your shot.

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War at The Shore 2016 | Team LBS


This past weekend Team LBS took on the War at The Shore. They were outfitted in Predator Sports uniforms and custom Stallion 550 helmets by Schutt Sports / STX Lacrosse.

War at The Shore is a men’s tournament that takes place in Brick, New Jersey every summer. It is broken down by 2 conferences; an A and B. There are  12 teams in the A conference with two divisions and 76 in the B conference. Within the B conference it is then broken down into 13 smaller divisions. If I did my math correctly that would be 88 teams participating in this years W.A.T.S. That is a lot of teams! Running 16 fields all day long there is no shortage of great lacrosse.

With the majority of the players being current and recent post collegiate the competition is bar none. Held at a high regard W.A.T.S has been labeled as one of the best and most competitive tourneys to play in along the shore. Teams travel from all over the east coast and some from across the country to compete for the bragging rights to be called War at The Shore Champions.


More Photos of team LBS – Click Here

Huge thank you to Rosemary, mother of a player, for taking pictures as well. Find more of her photos of team LBS here:

Photos by: LacrosseBallStore Media & Rosemary

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Predator Sports Box Lacrosse Goals


The Deluxe Box Lacrosse Goal stands at 4 feet tall by 4 feet 6 inches wide weighing 74 pounds. This goal is equipped with an obtuse angle, 3-inch, flat ground rail allowing it to sit flush along the playing surface. The pipes are 2-inches in diameter and have a stringing rail running the parameter of the goal frame. Every Deluxe Box Lacrosse Goal comes standard with a 7mm net, 90 ft of net cord, and the hardware needed to assemble the goal. The Deluxe Box Lacrosse Goal stands fully assembled.


The Predator Sports Box Lacrosse Goal is the perfect multi use goal. The goal pipe is 1.75″ in diameter. Its tubed construction keeps the goal light and sturdy. A stringing rail covers the perimeter of the goal frame. It is 4ft x 4ft and is perfect for indoor Box as well as the backyard, team practices, tailgate parties and so much more. The Box Goal is small and light enough at 33 pounds to take with you anywhere you want to play.  Also included is a white 5mm Polyester nets with 90 feet of lacing cord.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.05.16 PM

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StringKing Grizzly – For The Goalies



The Grizzly Metal Lacrosse Shaft is 36 inches long weighing in at 144 grams. They have subtracted 4 inches off of the typical 40 inch length used by the majority of shaft manufactures. The classic shape of the shaft is very comfortable and easy for any goaltender to adjust to.


Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.47.16 PM.png



The Grizzly Metal paired with the 12D Grizzly Mesh becomes ones of the lightest sticks in the game. Grizzly Stronger weights 30 grams lighter than any other goalie mesh on the market. FlexLite fibers creates a controlled horizontal stretch in the mesh that helps the ball die in your pocket ensuring you give up fewer rebounds.

Take command and dominate the crease with Grizzly by StringKing Lacrosse.


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Its a Keeper | ECD 12D Hero Mesh

semi soft.png

12D semi-soft HeroMesh & 12D semi-hard HeroMesh were both engineered with the elite goalie in mind. HyperWeave TM provides accurate outlets and unmatched rebound control, while the LTH Fibers TM allow your pocket to be durable and lightweight. Now it’s your turn to Be ELITE.

Weatherproof – Our new LTH Fibers TM are fully weatherproof. They will not expand or contract even in blistering heat, freezing cold, rain, or snow.

Lightweight – LTH Fibers TM are extremely lightweight and durable. This means quicker hands and a 12D mesh that stands up to the hardest shots.

Rebound Control – The unique and consistent diamond shape, created by HyperWeave TM, absorbs and distributes a shot’s energy, making controlling rebounds look easy.

Accurate – 12D HeroMesh features a unique diamond shape that allows for the smooth and accurate release that you need to hit your outlet every time.

HeroMesh is made with pride in the United States. Powered by Jimalax.

Available in Hero Goalie Strings and Semi-Soft Complete Kits.


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