Raise THE Colors

Forget about stickers, bumper magnets and those “never” cling to glass things. The best way to show you’re apart of the #LaxFamily is with a flag! Hoist it high and let it fly to let everyone know you’re in.

These 2 foot tall by 3 foot long flags are perfect for leading your team onto the field, posting on a pole or hanging on your wall. Any lacrosse fan would love this. Which is your favorite flag?

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Greatness Recognizes Greatness

One of the biggest names in football and debatably one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game just gave a massive endorsement to the sport of lacrosse.

Find out what Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints had to say about lacrosse. (Via Instagram @untuckit @pll)


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Its In The Blood

Aris Brown, son of NFL superstar and Syracuse Lacrosse Alum, Jim Brown has committed to play Division 1 lacrosse at Hampton University.

The lacrosse bug has 100% been passed down because Aris can BALL!

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Quarantine Trick Shots

Quarantine has got me spending entirely too much time on social media. The other night I got sucked down the rabbit hole of #lacrossetrickshots on instagram and here are a few I might have to try and recreate.

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How’s this? @ejbaker5 #lacrossetrickshots

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Keeping Busy Works

COVID19 has got everyone on lock down and some are taking advantage of the time. Some are putting together the 5,197 piece LEGO MILLENNIUM FALCON set. Others have taken up crochet and a select few are shaping historically accurate mini lacrosse sticks like Jakob Works of Lacrosse_Works on instagram. Continue reading “Keeping Busy Works”


Since the official announcement of the severity of the COVID-19 virus a few lacrosse brands have jumped in head first to lend a helping hand. Cascade, ECD Lacrosse and Under Armour, to name a few, have converted their factories from manufacturing helmets and pads to create and distribute face shields, gowns and masks. We would like to thank them for their efforts in keeping the first responders, EMS, hospital staff and the essential work force safe while battling this virus. – Lacrosse Ball Store

We Got You Covered

Whats the first thing that pop into your head when you think about a youth sporting event? Bet you didn’t say the pop up tents.

They’re a staple at every event. Whether you’re at a pro sports tailgate or setting up “Orange Slice HQ” at your kids tournament, there will be that sun stained, bent legged, 10ft by 10ft square tent that everyone knows and loves.


They love it because it’s a safe haven from the elements; keeping dry during a brief rain fall or getting momentary relief from the sun. Not only that it has the power to marking  territory. Once the first is staked down the mind set turns into “This is                Country. If you ain’t with us, you’re against us” with maybe a small flag flying or jersey closed pinned to a beam to show your team support. But what if your tent could be customized?


Now think about it standing close to 10 ft high and your team logo printed on all 4 sides for everyone to see. Yes, you can even have “This is                Country. If you ain’t with us, you’re against us” printed on it. The design possibilities are endless and can be done your way to your liking.

All you need to do s pick a tent size that you think will best fit your needs and the accessories that are 100% customizable as well. Like the full and half walls what zip and velcro together in seconds. Turning your open air oasis to a fully inclosed safe house.

Tent Size Options
10 ft wide x 10 ft long
10 ft wide x 15 ft long
10 ft wide x 20 ft long

Tent Canopy SPECS.
· Water-proof
· Flame retardant to CPAI-84 standard
· Anti-mold
· Ultraviolet-proof

Tent Model Option
Luxury 50 Series 
Aluminum 40 Series 

Tent Accessories – ALL
Half Side Panel 
Tent Travel Bag
Tent Leg Weights 

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Get Inside The Throne LE Fall Pack

This release includes the newest FIBER 2 System, ceramic camping mug, strike matchbox and hot cocoa with marshmallows.The LE Fall FIBER 2 System features a classic Throne design of orange, yellow, grey and black camo inspired by the infamous Fall Camouflage of Modern Warfare 2.


FIBER 2 System improves on the gold standard of lacrosse stringing with a new duo fiber construction for more speed, strength, and agility backed by the best warranty. Designed and built in the USA.

FIBER 2 utilizes new ultralight material striking a supreme balance between durability and weight.

Duo fiber construction AMP CHANNEL flexes for maximum energy transfer without excess whip.

HEX DIAMOND II symmetrical structure hugs the ball for unmatched feel and control.

PROOF 6 Month Guarantee
Element phobic material grants ultimate performance in all climates and conditions.tos-fiber2-fallpack-2.jpg


● 10 Diamond Mesh
● Fine needle construction
● 17 mm diamonds
● Made in USA
● 6 month warranty
● Authenticity tag


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ECD LTX Lacrosse Shaft

Whether you are dissecting the defense with your feeds or with your feet, you can be sure that the Carbon LTX will have your back. With an all-new FLEX1 profile reinforced by TeXtreme®, the Carbon LTX is a lightweight weapon built for the offensive mastermind.

TeXtreme® is an ultra-light and strong carbon fiber technology that weighs 20% less than typical carbon fiber reinforcements. It reduces weight without sacrificing strength or stiffness and helps prevent micro cracks in your shaft. This resets the bar for carbon fiber shafts.


Reinforced by TeXtreme®
Means decreased weight, increased stiffness, and increased strength.

This is the lightest shaft in our lineup and that is saying something.

FLEX1Rated as a FLEX1 on our 10-point flex scale, this is the stiffest shaft in our lineup.


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