Ultimate Customer Convenience

The StringKing Lacrosse Metal line has excelled with its awesome aesthetic, strength to weight ratio, and its premiere price point. But StringKing did something special that has changed the retail game in the sport of lacrosse. metal-accessories-600.jpg

Every StringKing Metal shaft comes stock with a tapered butt end, an end cap, and a roll of tape. If you were counting, you are getting three accessories that separately add up to about $13 before tax. Thats an awesome deal and the fact is has never been done before makes it that much better. But wait there is more.

lacrosse-tape.jpgThe 10-meter-long 3cm wide roll of tape has a perforated edge. One side is 1cm wide and the other is 2cm wide. This might not seem super significant but those players out there that are familiar know that when you rip tape it never stays the same width. The perforated edge in the roll will help you achieve a clean and precise edge when wrapping your stick. In turn producing the best looking stick on the field.

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