There is a new HERO in town.

ECD Lacrosse is relentless to push the limits in innovation within lacrosse industry. In May of 2015 ECD launched their HERO Mesh line. Since then they have come out with HERO Strings and 12D Goalie mesh to accompany. With their growing success they have recently launched their new HERO 2.0 mesh. Keeping with their signature Striker pattern ECD has now integrated some high performance tech into the new 2.0. Here’s what’s new.


LTH Fibers: These fibers have been woven down the center track of the mesh giving the user the maximum amount of feel. It also creates a natural channel for the ball to travel.

INNEGRA: Dubbed the lightest fiber in the world, it is also a very rigid. This rigidity allows for great pocket retention preventing the pocket to bag out giving you the most consistent pocket imaginable.

Along with this new tech ECD Lacrosse has also added a few more colors to the HERO family. Now available in the striker pattern; kelly green, purple, navy blue and their Limited Edition piece, Zones.



Find HERO 2.0 and all of ECD Lacrosse’s products on

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