The Predator Sports Lax Reflex Automatic Target take shooting targets to the next level. Like all targets, the PS-RAT allows players to learn to shoot where the goalie isn’t by shooting at strategically places target zones.The biggest difference is in the patented ball return system. When you score on the R.A.T the ball is automatically returned to you at the front of the goal. No longer will you need to crawl inside or lift up the goal to retrieve your balls. The R.A.T system also comes in two variations for the lacrosse game. The original Lax RAT , which fits on 6ft x 6ft goals and the latest, Box R.A.T. will fit on 4ft by 4ft box lacrosse goals.
(Patents 8,961,339 & 9,452,337)

Included with the R.A.T. comes rules for 3 competitive games to keep backyard practice interesting along with a carry bag, bungees, base weights and outdoor stakes.
(Patents 8,961,339 & 9,452,337)

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 11.00.31 AM.png

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