Enter the FIBER 2 LE Dragon by Throne Lacrosse

Dragon Pack honors the legendary Bruce Lee. The LE Dragon FIBER 2 System features a new design pattern in yellow and black and trimmed in red inspired by Lee’s iconic jumpsuit from Game of Death. The specialty Chinese food container is filled with the LE Dragon FIBER 2 System, red or black THRONE chopsticks, and two fortune cookies with inspirational Bruce Lee quotes.

FIBER 2 System improves on the gold standard of lacrosse stringing with a new duo fiber construction for more speed, strength, and agility backed by the best warranty. Designed and built in USA.

FIBER 2 utilizes new ultralight material striking a supreme balance between durability and weight.

Duo fiber construction AMP CHANNEL flexes for maximum energy transfer without excess whip.

HEX DIAMOND II symmetrical structure hugs the ball for unmatched feel and control.

PROOF 6 Month Guarantee
Element phobic material grants ultimate performance in all climates and conditions.

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