Give Your Goal a Tug!

Moving a lacrosse goal is never east. Whether it’s to line the field, mow the grass or make space for some other doo-doo sport its by far the least fun thing to do. So here is a list of tools on the market making the job of moving a goal a little more tolerable.

Jaypro Sports Lacrosse Goal Transport Cart

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 3.28.11 PM

  • Hold-down straps secure goal to cart
  • Vinyl coated handle and rubber base pads protect lacrosse goal finish
  • 3″ x ¼” angle heavy-duty steel base construction
  • 1.315″ heavy-walled steel pipe handle
  • 10″ no-flat tires
  • Powder coated black
  • Adjustable cart fits multiple sized goals up to 6’8″ wide

Hedgehog Goal Gliders

  • Easily and safely move Lax goals over any surface, any distance, by a single adult!Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 3.32.56 PM.png
  • Attaches and detaches in seconds!
  • Universal Fit Works on any type of goal! This means they fit Tubular Goals up to 2″ OD and Goals with Flat Base Ground Bars
  • Straight Goals and Obtuse Angle Goals
  • Fully adjustable slide bracket
  • Built to last!
  • Compact- Easy to store!
  • Proudly Manaufactured in USA

Lax EZ Wheels Lacrosse Goal Carrier

EZ WHEELS LACROSSE GOAL CARRIER The EZ Wheels slide over the flat bar of the lacrosse goal. Its now possible for one person or player to move the lacrosse goal onto and off of the field. They are handy and can be stored in your ball or equipment bag. This is a set – includes Left and Right Wheels

  • Fits 2 inch and 3 inch flat ground bars.
  • These do NOT fit obtuse angle ground bars.


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