Get a Grip on your Greasers


The Greaser Gripper will make your old, slippery lacrosse balls feel and play like new.

1No more throwing your greasers away with the simple to use Greaser Gripper. Attach the Greaser Gripper to a standard power drill (not included). Push the ball into the plastic ball holder. While spinning the ball and holder with the drill, apply LIGHT pressure with the abrasive pad as you move the pad back and forth. Once you’ve resurfaced half a ball, pop it out and work the other side.

Most greaser will look like new after 30-60 seconds.

Each ball can be resurfaced many times. The abrasive pad will resurface 80+ balls before

 it needs to replaced. The ball holder is virtually indestructible.
WARNING: Don’t let loose-fitting clothing or hair come in contact with the rotating drill. The ball will get warm from the friction and can even get hot if you squeeze the ball too hard. Adult supervision is advised.


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