ECD Carbon 3.0

ECD Lacrosse has come out with their third iteration of what has become one of the most popular shaft lines in lacrosse within the last 10 years. They Carbon line has made its mark on the game and ECD continues to push the limits with carbon/composite tech. This year with the release of the Carbon 3.0 shaft they have also introduced their new adjustable rubber butt-end.

rubber butt shafts

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ECD Copy Release:

Carbon 3.0

The Carbon 3.0 is the latest and greatest in one of the game’s most popular shaft lines. Featuring our enhanced Impact+ Layup for improved durability and a new sliding end cap, this shaft is perfect for every player.​

• Stronger Than Ever​

• Sliding End Cap​

• Clean Looks​

• Flex5


Stronger than Ever

Through observation and player feedback, we optimized our Impact+ layup to provide additional strength where players need it most.

Sliding End Cap

Giving you more versatility, our sliding end cap can be adjusted to the perfect placement for your game. Just place the end cap where you like it, add a little tape, and you are ready to roll.

Clean Looks

We kept the design on this shaft super clean so you can let your game do the talking.


With just the right amount of flex, this shaft continues the tradition of being a perfect shaft to get you into carbon fiber shafts.


flex carbon fiber shaft


ECD Lax Weapon X Head & Mesh

What’s better than a dominant FOGO? How about a player that can win the draw, get theWhite-Face_and_Sides GB, and be a threat on offense? The Weapon X faceoff head featuring our FlexForm material was designed from the ground up with all-time faceoff legend, Greg “Beast” Gurenlian, to allow you to do it all. Continue reading “ECD Lax Weapon X Head & Mesh”

ECD & South Beach are back OG Zone Fades

ECD Hero 2.0 Zone Fade Limited Edition Lacrosse Mesh brings back the ECD fan favorite limited edition color way. Hero 2.0 Zone Fade mesh delivers the same high OG Zones Fades-33performance mesh ECD is known for but with a new touch of flare. This limited-edition piece uses a twist on ECD’s Zone Pattern with color fade towards the center channel. East Coast Dyes incorporates new ZoneTech in Hero 2.0 Zone fade with strong Innegra fibers combined with LTH fibers to help channel your pocket for maximum accuracy. The outer Innegra Fiber is the lightest fiber in the world, woven tightly with outer diamonds of Hero 2.0 Zone Fade to  create a more ridged and consistent pocket. ECD uses their LTH fibers in the center of the mesh for a more responsive feel that draws. ZoneTech brings two unique performance traits to one piece of mesh and helps funnel the ball any heads channel. Your Hero 2.0 Zone Fade pocket will feel lighter and bag out less with Innegra fibers, while LTH fibers bring a responsive touch and targeted performance to your pocket.



– ZoneTech utilizes Innegra Fibers and LTH Fibers to funnel balls to your channel for more accurate, consistent and controlled play.  

– The worlds lightest fiber; Innegra is used on the outer diamonds to bring a ridged and less elastic funnel to your pockets channel. 

– LTH Fibers are concentrated and strategically placed in the center channel for a softer touch and responsive feel. 

– True to East Coast Dyes style, Hero 2.0 is entirely hydrophobic keeping your pocket waterproof and letting you play in any weather. 

– Made in the USA

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Last Minute Shopping For The Laxer?


StringKing Complete Women’s Stick
The Complete W women’s lacrosse stick is designed to be the ultimate in consistency. The 
stiff construction, expertly strung mesh pocket, and quality components deliver superior performance every time you pick up your lacrosse stick.At the price point of $99.99, it is the best bang for your buck when looking for a high quality, built to perform women’s lacrosse stick. Its great for every skill level.
Shop: StringKing Complete W Metal 2 


Throne Lacrosse RIFT System Lacrosse Shaft
The RIFT System is built on the idea to never settle with technology, materials, or performance. From extensive research and design we created the first interchangeable shaft, giving you the power of carbon with the strength of metal.
This is the first EVER carbon five/metal shaft on the market. Utilizing the flexibility and power generated from the carbon fiber with the toughness and familiar feel of the metal shaft. These combine to create a stick in its own league. The RIFT shaft is sure to create some noise this holiday.
Shop: Throne RIFT Lacrosse Shaft 


Predator Sports REACT Rebounder
PS-REACT-RBDRThis Lacrosse Rebounder / Lax Wall from Predator Sports was Designed to Return the Ball at or Near the Same Speed you Throw it at. Our most Responsive Rebounder Yet.  This Rebounder is great for team and individual training.  Generous 4′ x 3′ rebounding target. Fully adjustable to provide multiple rebounding positions. Made of galvanized steel for all weather protection.  Folds flat for storage. Easy assembly. Height assembled over 7 feet.Predator Sports React Rebounder.
Shop: Predator Sports REACT Rebounder



Predator High School Deluxe Lacrosse Goal
Combines the structural integrity of our top of the line Collegiate Lacrosse Goal with the portability of our bestselling High School Game Goal. Designed for the elite team and player who demand a goal that will withstand high velocity shots. Heavy gauge 2 inch steel tubular construction and a 5mm net combine to make this goal weigh in at a total of 78 pounds.
Shop: PS-High School Deluxe Lax Goal


Champion Sports Lax Equipment Bag
Carry all your gear with the durable Champion Sports Lax Equipment Bag. 

Features a padded ventilated stick compartment on one side and an extra vented pocket on the opposite side, convenient upright water bottle holder, vented zippered shoe compartment that separates your shoes from the rest of your gear, mesh side pocket and an internal easy access valuables pouch. Includes haul loop at one end, shoulder strap and carry handles for comfortably transporting all your gear. Bottom of Equipment Bag is coated to provide extra protection. Shop: Lax Equipment BagScreen Shot 2018-12-17 at 12.56.30 PM.png

ECD Lacrosse Carbon 2 Lacrosse Shaft
We like the players who are always striving for more. Players who are never satisfied and refuse to settle. Those are the players we focused on when engineering the Carbon 2.0. 
Like those players, we never settle. The Carbon 2.0 has improved every aspect of its predecessor. It is lighter and stronger and features our new Impact+ layup, durable texture, and long-lasting paint. This is the new standard for composite lacrosse shafts. On our 10-point flex scale, the Carbon 2.0 is a Flex5 with a uniform Kick Point, which makes it an easy transition from a standard alloy shaft. Available in attack/midfield, goalie, and defense lengths. Shop: ECD Lacrosse Carbon 2 Lacrosse Shaft


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